1)   Lack Of Job opportunities in Pharma Indusrty.

Lack of job opportunities in pharma field” is not applicable to all the pharma students, some peoples are going to study in western countries, there they are getting lacks of Rupees as salary. but some peoples are unable to go to further studies in US or UK etc… but they are doing M.pharm or M.S in India itself, some other peoples are unable to proceed their further studies because of financial or any other problems. this type of B.pharma Graduates are trying to get Jobs in Pharmaceutical industry, departments like R&D, QA, QC, PRODUCTION, Marketing, clinical trials etc… Every year there is double digit growth in Pharma colleges as well as pharma graduates. huge competition was there, without reference from internal workers there is no chance to get job opportunity in pharma industry, if opportunity is there pay scale structure is very very very small, it should be equal to sweepers, watchman pay scale (Rs 5000 to 8000) promotions and salary increment is based on Not of your performance, which is based on how much profit you are showing or giving to the company with your performance. That means career growth with B.pharmacy is very slow. now a days my survey stating that most of B.pharm graduates are willing to go to pharma marketing as medical Representatives, even girls ( most of North Indians) , because it is high paying job when compare with other Dept for B.pharms at initial stage, this job involved with heavy challenges (targets, insults, Mental torture, heavy tensions, lies, cheatings, more & more …. yes friends pharma companies are playing with Medical Representatives, not only with representatives also with the peoples and their health’s. Like that most of B.pharma peoples coming back by resigning their Pharma marketing Jobs, they are trying to do M.pharm even they are in financial crisis. So then what happening after M.pharmacy, Same situation as like B.pharma graduates, searching searching for job opportunity, friends you know M.pharma holders also working as Medical Representatives due to lack of opportunities, if opportunity was there tears are coming out by seeing the salary structure from the eyes of M.pharma graduates, why because they are putting lot of efforts for M.pharm degree, what ever it may be in GPAT preparation, baring fees, Project works, these are all not are simple things. Lot of hopes are there on their Futures. But lack of alternates they are joining in less paying (Rs 7000 to 11000) jobs in pharma industry. That is reason why most of M.pharm graduates opting teaching as profession (salary range: Rs 15000 – 20000).
Doctor of Pharmacy a new course was there, even this course introducer don’t know how was the careers of the Doctors of Pharma students. We discussed with 3 colleges Pharma.D Post Bacculerate students, they said that We are un-necessarily joined in Pharma.D, We are in confusion about my careers, what opportunities will be provide by government we dont know, but internally we are thinking that govt will provide employment for each one in each district Govt Hospital in india. Otherwise we will go to abroad to work there. We questioned them if those abroad countries will not allow Indian Pharma Doctors what will be happen? Already UK peoples are Beating, fighting, even killing our Indian Peoples. Present in US Un-employability to their national’s was gradually increasing. if they will not allow you to work
So then what will you do in India ? No answer from them. Govt taking more care on Industries in the terms of getting patents, for new drug approvals from other countries to market them in India, generic drug marketing to increase Nation Economy. Govt Present thinking for their economy improvement. They are not bothering

2)   we are the part of Health Care system.

All of you peoples know that we (pharmacists) are the part of Health care system. We have the responsibility on the health of peoples. Not only in the terms of Dispensing. Now pharmacists are engaged directly and indirectly in health care system by Identifying new molecules, their formulation and development, clinical trials, marketing, patent laws (IPR) etc… But not directly as health care providers to the peoples. For that is reason why Pharma.D was introduced.

3)   We are not less than BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BNYS.

You know VERY WELL that BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, BNYS are doctor courses as like MBBS. But individually each course has different system of medicine. These courses doesn’t consisted Pharmacology as a subject of Course curriculum. They consists their own system of therapeutic drugs or procedures. eg: BAMS (ayurvedic medicines from plants in the form of asavas, churns, basmas, thokkas and thotakuraas), BHMS (Homeopathic drugs in dilution forms) as it is BUMS and BNYS. But the truth, what happening in India

80% Of BAMS, BHMS, and BUMS doctors are not practicing their own system of Medicine except Govt hospital and Academic Inst. But they are practicing Allopathic System of Medicine. According to rules and regulations they are not allowed to practice Allopathic System of Medicine. Pharmacists in B.pharmacy studying core subjects of MBBS like Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Health Education.

Ok, fine we have some rules and regulations according to pharmacy act 1948, which state that pharmacist should not have Prescription writing rights, ok fine then if you see in India Rural Medical Practitioners (RMP) are there as health care providers with 10th class OR 10+2 OR B.A or Bsc Qualifications. they don’t know the mechanism of action of paracetamole, even they are prescribing all pharmacological classes of drugs, some people are doing surgeries also like piles, hydrocele etc……

We (pharmacists) are studying core subjects of Medicine, we have have-some knowledge of pharmacology when compare with RMP’s, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BNYS. But only the lack of thing is Practical Exposure in diagnosing the diseases or health care conditions of patients and some clinical procedures like administration of injectables, wound closing methods.
Actually RMP doctors have some rules and regulations, which have some limits or boundaries within that they have to serve the peoples in the rural areas,

RMP doctor are not allowed to give or write prescriptions, they are not allowed to inject injectables into the body without MBBS doctor directions. They have to work only in rural areas, Just they have to do first aid treatments like stopping of bleedings in case of small injuries, wound cleaning and management. That’s it. Are they doing like this? NO. They are not in the Boundaries. So what regulatory bodies of govt doing? Nothing doing.
If you see Medical Shops/ Pharmacy’s in community to Find How many

Pharmacies having Pharmacists to dispense drugs on Qualified doctor prescription, according to my survey 89% of pharmacies are not having pharmacists to dispense drugs, just the owners are purchased the licenses from registered pharmacists fo Rs 10000 – Rs 15000 based on the city or town potential. That pharmacists again working in industries. So upcoming pharmacists are struggling for opportunities. Nobody following regulatory rules in India, Govt is sleeping. They are not bothering for pharmacists,

Elected members and authorized bodies of State and Central pharmacy Councils of India are busy to get higher positions like Registrar or president, chairman, Drug control General posts etc… some others busy on to protect present positions, some other involved in politics to save pharma funds in swis banks.

So Who will take responsibilities to generate new opportunities for upcoming pharma students, why because present jog resourses are not sufficient to pharma graduates. Some Medias reporters

Some college principals giving lectures on the boom of pharma field, and said excellent career was there for pharma graduates, starting Rs 25000 – Rs 50000 per month packages are giving by pharma companies. Is it true ? No not in this movement, most of parents are joining their chidrens into pharmacy graduation course with great expectations because media and Institution Principals false Information. My dear Friends Future Pharmacist Welfare Association Of India (FPWAI) came into existence with Innovative

Ideas to create New Opportunities for Future Pharmacists in health care system. FPWAI is a volunteer Innovative Organization All the D.pharmacy, B.pharmacy, M.pharmacy, phD, pharma.D students and working peoples are members of this association, in which regards
all the members has to share their innovative ideas to create new job opportunities for future pharmacists and also innovative methods to catch the job recourses completely as professional health care members. We have some social website to share to share our innovative ideas, we have some strategies to implement that ideas. So why late my dear Friends Let start to think in different way ” Dont try to go to get job opportunities, Create job Opportunities ” that is more beneficial to you and to entire Pharma peoples careers”. Become as Leaders Of Pharma.

4)   To save the life’s of poor and middle class peoples from Unqualified Rural Medical Practitioners (RMP).

As a part of Health Care system PHARMACISTS have responsibility to save the life’s of Poor and middle class patients from Unqualified Rural medical practitioners (RMP). No need to fight with them to stop their practice, It is Impossible to stop their activities in the community, why because government was depended on RMP doctors for votes in politic elections, why because RMP’s have close relationships or interactions with peoples (patients) in their locality. Govt utilizing RMP’s to win the elections.

So then we have to find alternate to save the life’s of poor and middle class peoples from RMP’s. The best alternate is PHARMA CLINICS especially for “Rural India”. I know that a Question was raised in your brain that “how the RMP doctors are hazardous to the poor and middle class peoples of India?” Yes. RMP doctors don’t know the pharmacology of drugs, even they are prescribing left and right hand the drugs with dosage errors, treatment regimen errors, some times interacting drugs, especially Corticosteroids are frequently prescribing by RMP’s for immediate relief, But they don’t know that drugs can cause life threatening effects to the health.
Friends India still a Developing Country, Even after 100 years i should be a Developing country, NO Doubt’s am sure. Approximately 70% of Indians are poor and middle class peoples. Earning money as daily wage earners, if they don’t go to work no chance of food for that day, that type of peoples are there in India. If they affected by diseases, what they should to?

They cannot able to get treatment of Qualified Doctors, why because their consultation fees, Pharmacy bills, Lab Billing Amount is more than their One month wage amount. They cannot put that much of amount. Alternately they will choose RMP doctors for treatment, what RMP doctors are doing with empty medical brain, Sucking the blood in the form of money, if in case of severe infections like malaria, Typhoid, Viral Fevers will get resistant, what they (RMP) said in that situations, After some days we tried my level best, But not cured, To save your life go to Corporate Hospital, Otherwise it will life threatened. They cannot go to Corporate Hospitals, Alternatively They will go to Govt Hospitals, No doctors are available always in Govt hospitals, why because they are busy in their Private setting Hospitals, if they are available right medicines are not available, If Medicines available, there was No proper facilities, Finally result is Death of Poor or Middle Class patient.
I thought that, now you have a clarification on medical deaths of poor and Middle class Indians. Yes friends RMP’s are causative agents for deaths of poor and middle class peoples. 50% of deaths in Govt Hospitals like this type of cases. you know the income of RMP doctors ?
60% of RMP doctors having average OP appointments are 50 per day. Fees Rs 30 per Patient.
50 patients x Rs 30 = Rs 1500 per day
Rs 1500 x 30 days = Rs 45000 per Month

70% of RMP’s have their own Pharmacies as dispensaries, all drugs are generics.

The marginal profit from generic drugs is 70-80%, Every patient bill from RMP attached pharmacies should not less then Rs 100, So that means Rs 75 (avg) per patient.

Then for 50 patients x Rs 75 = Rs 3750 per day

Rs 3750 x 30 DAYS = Rs 112500 per month.

THE TOTAL Monthly INCOME OF RMP’s FROM both HOSPITAL AND PHARMACY is approximately Rs 157500 Per Month.

Some additional fees are there for RMP’s like Saline charges, Wound dressing charges. If we add these amounts also the total income will cross 2lacks per month.1000%truth

Govt will not regulate that RMP doctors, Govt will not provide Job Opportunities with sufficient salaries for Pharmacists both in Govt and Private sectors. This is the time to do something for our self.

Future Pharmacist Welfare Association Of India Introduced PHARMA CLINICS for rural India to serve the peoples with Quality Health Care system at Affordable cost. FPWAI formed a Volunteer Organization called ALL INDIA PHARMA CLINIC’s ASSOCIATION (AIPCA) Which Initiated a detailed portfolio

To run PHARMA CLINIC without any Obstructions from Govt and Drug control dept. Actually Community Clinical Pharmacists have some Rules and Regulations and some boundaries like CCP’s are not have authority to Prescribe Drugs, Ccp’s are not allowed to Inject Injectables, Just They will direct counsel the the patients based on Qualified Doctor Prescriptions, CCP will give awareness lectures on Preventive and Management measurers. we have Boundaries but we will do as it is BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, RMP’s.

5)   To Reduce the Cost Of treatment.

Community Clinical Pharmacists from PHARMA CLINICS has to reduce the cost of treatment for Poor and middle class peoples of rural India.
In 1st PHARMA CLINIC ( Sri Ganga PHARMA CLINIC, Proddatur)
1) No consultation fees for Physically Handicapped and 70 years above elder peoples.
2) 50% discount for Life saving generic drugs for Chronic Diseases ( i.e cardiac & diabetic)
3) No Consultation fees for next 3 visits on the same disease.

4) Up to 40% discount on all type of Medicines to White Ration Card Holders.

5) Up to 20% Discount to those are not having White Ration Card on all type  of Medicines.


Now a day Because of huge competition, it is very difficult to get job opportunity in Pharma field. If you get opportunity pay scales are non-satisfying us, huge amount Resources are there for PHARMACISTS, But we are not utilizing them completely, We are giving chance to others (dalari ruling), Who will realize you to protect your resources, you have to realize yourself, You know what happening in ASIA, IROPA, UROPE did you heard about wall street war ? Present in new york city youth are fighting with govt. This WALLSTREETWAR spread above 80 countries, More than 950 Cities youth (students & UN-employees) are fighting with govt (looking Nothing but WAR), in these situations some peoples are applying for visa’s for studies in abroad. US & UK and other countries peoples are not like Indians, Indian govt encourage Foreign Investments, Outsourcing processes in all field, why because nobody (peoples) will questioned them about that, But abroad peoples won’t simply sit in home, The best Example WALLSREET WAR in U.S and attacks on Indians in U.K.

Friends every human has rights, which are conceived as universal & egalitarian with all people having equal right by virtue of being human.

We have the right to ask, question the govt regards anything, but if you want to ask, demand, question the govt alone, nobody can hear your voice, If you are associated with thousands of people, then they will consider us. Friends don’t worry about Approval by Govt for PHARMA CLINIC, after strong establishment of AIPCA with at least 5000 members we can demand the Govt for Approvals and Reorganization.
Up to then we have to practice PHARMA CLINICS with the masking of certain boundaries. I am sure nobody can obstruct you to practice PHARMA CLINIC. If anybody can come to obstruct you, inform to association, we can get together at national level to fight or demand the Govt for approval. We can ask the Govt on:

1) >90% pharmacies not having pharmacists to dispense drugs, Dispensing done by unqualified persons, You can take that person to pharmacies in your Town, ride the pharmacies in front of that obstructed person, get the details from the dispensing person, If that unqualified pharmacy owner will say pharmacist went to lunch or break fast or toilet, don’t allow him to escape. Cease the Pharmacy immediately with that PHARMA Clinical practice obstructed authorized person. If he has that much of guts, get together all district local members of AIPCA & FPWAI to cease all the pharmacies in that town, those pharmacies not having pharmacists to dispense the drugs.

At the same time you people can open PHARMACIES in the same place of ceased Pharmacies, with your certificates. Friends according to my survey , in a good floating area with peoples even in small towns each pharmacy has profit more than Rs40,000 per month except investment, Which company will give you that much of salary at initial stage with D.pharmacy and B.pharmacy ? Some pharmacies e.g.: JANATHA MEDICALS & LIFE PHARMA in YSR DISTRICT each pharmacy has monthly profit around Rs15, 00000 per month

Without pharmacist (Registered certificate purchased by a pharmacist) Who can take charge to regulate them and to save our resources? Drug Control Administration busy on earning from this type of pharmacies, so then who will protect your rights and resources? Why should i spending time by kept my PHARMA CLINIC practice aside, I am getting money equal to senior scientist in a MNC pharmacy company with B.pharma in my own town with my family. But I struggled a lot before this position after my B.pharm. Like me thousands of B.pharma graduates are there from poor economic back ground.

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